Asiki Chocolate in the Bath Gift Box

Asiki Chocolate in the Bath Gift Box

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This divine zero waste, plastic free gift box is full of pampering treats sourced from small Australian makers and businesses. Contains Hunter Eco Soy Candle (Australian Blue Gum), Winnow Organic Dark Chocolate Block, Wanderlightly Pamper Clay Face Mask, Church Farm General Store Botanical Soap and a Natural Loofah.

Weight: 500g

Size: 225 x 165 x 80

About Asiki (formerly The Ekologi Store) Store

Katherine, Natanya and Anna met volunteering for their local high school sustainability festival and bonded over their shared passion to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. After 5 years of festivals, culminating in the 2018 Zero Waste festival where they convinced 900 students to bring their own reusable cups and drink bottle. Not only had they all changed many of our own habits in order to produce less waste, but others around them were also doing the same thing.

In creating Asiki (formerly The Ekologi Store) and developing the Asiki brand the focus has been to provide beautiful products that are:

  • Predominantly sustainably made in Australia from Australian materials
  • Sourced from other Australian makers, designers and small businesses who follow sustainable practice, including makers in fire and drought impacted areas of regional Australia
  • Plastic free or designed to reduce plastic usage
  • Made of natural and organic materials
  • Reusable, repairable, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable
  • Socially beneficial, in particular to women in developing nations
  • Fair traded
  • Palm oil free
  • Package free or have minimal packaging that is reused, recycled, or home composted
  • Shipped plastic free (including tape), using and recycling biodegradable paper and cardboard packaging.