Babs Bodycare - Rose & Geranium Face Mist
Babs Bodycare - Rose & Geranium Face Mist
Babs Bodycare - Rose & Geranium Face Mist

Babs Bodycare - Rose & Geranium Face Mist

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Babs Rose and Geranium Face Mist is an uplifting and balancing spritz that can be used as a toner after cleansing and before moisturising, or as a refreshing face and body mist to rehydrate and soothe.

Rose and Geranium floral waters help tone skin and tighten pores, soothe and balance, while softening skin.

  • Rose hydrates, reduces redness and inflammation
  • Geranium soothes skin and balances oil production
  • Glycerine acts as a humectant which helps to attract and retain moisture

Apply to skin as a toner after cleansing to hydrate and prepare skin for oil moisturisers.  Allow to absorb slightly before applying Babs Bodycare Face Oil.
You can spritz after moisturising and throughout the day to help lock in hydration.

This Face mist can also be used to set make up, throughout the day to hydrate and refresh, when travelling, in air conditioning and as a very gentle AM cleanser.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.

About Babs Bodycare
Babs Bodycare create a range of natural deodorants & skin care products using pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. Easy to use, affordable & effective Australian-made body & organic skin care products. A strong focus on the environment & reducing chemical exposure has ensured we produce, non toxic, sustainable & cruelty free products.