AusPen Blue Whiteboard Marker Twelve Pack

AusPen Blue Whiteboard Marker Twelve Pack

Our pack of twelve blue refillable whiteboard markers will save you money and reduce landfill by refilling and replening infinitely. Made with the highest quality components, and simple refilling and replacing functions, you will never have to worry about fading lines, crushed or furry nibs again, so you can focus on enjoying the lesson or project at hand.

Vegan, low odour and made from sturdy aluminium for lonegvity. 

These markers can be easily refilled with ink at any time.

AusPen provides blue ink refills and new nibs, to keep your blue dry erase markers in like-new condition, all at a fraction of the cost of disposable markers.

Available in Bullet and Chisel nib.

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About AusPen

20 years ago AusPen was founded by entrepreneurs Kerrie and David Sharpley. After years of noticing endless furry tipped, dried out whiteboard markers being thrown away at their children’s school, they realised there had to be a solution. 

They thought of the problems existing with the common whiteboard marker, invested in extensive research and product development, and created AusPen; a whiteboard marker that promised quality, longevity, sustainability and vibrance.

Being the only refillable whiteboard marker that also has replacement parts, on the market the AusPen is the ultimate classroom tool for combatting unnecessary waste while saving money and the planet.