Eloka Soul Sista Abundance Oil

Eloka Soul Sista Abundance Oil

Take a deep breath in and repeat after me – “I love money and money loves me” – now breathe out and buckle down Goddess, because an Abundance of wealth is coming in fast! 

Abundance Oil’s stimulating scent of citrus won’t just make it rain, it will also bless you with the inspiration, motivation and concentration you need to take your life to the next level. Eloka is here to help you claim what’s rightfully yours Queen – money, success, fame, luck, love, lust – the world is your oyster and what you seek, you’re bound to receive… in Abundance.

Soul Sista Suggestions: 

Add 4-5 Drops of this powerful oil to your diffuser to start your day with a fresh burst of energy and motivation. Fix yourself a nourishing breakfast, grab your journal for some manifesting and visualisation and get that cash girl!

Ingredients: Litsea, Bergamot, Australian Orange, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Grapeseed.