Yummee Gluten Free Almond Butter

Yummee Gluten Free Almond Butter

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A crunchy, almond taste sensation. Only 3 ingredients combine to make this delicious and nutritious spread- almonds, coconut oil and a tiny pinch of sea salt.

Servings per Package: 60

Serving Size: 5g


About Yummee Gluten Free



Denise has always loved to cook & eat. She has combined a busy day job with catering to a few select local cafes for many years When she was diagnosed as a coeliac she found it difficult to find gluten free options that were healthy and delicious so YUMMEE GLUTEN FREE was born. Denise has a genuine passion for healthy eating & understands the benefits that good, whole nutritious foods can have on the body & mind Denise is a qualified nutritionist,& is passionate about whole food cooking & passing on her knowledge to others.