Tres Chic Shave Kit Ms Butterfly Rose Safety Razor

Tres Chic Shave Kit Ms Butterfly Rose Safety Razor

Ms Butterfly Rose Safety Razor

Why the Butterfly?

Ms Butterfly Rose opens by simply twisting the handle on the razor. She opens up like a flower and you effortlessly pop the stainless steel blade inside. (see demo below)

If you're not sure about using a safety razor or worried you don't know how to put it together correctly, are a bit clumsy or if you're buying for your teenager this option is for you.

TCSK Benefits,

  • Stunningly close smooth shave. You will never go back to disposable again.
  • A lifetime investment.
  • No more toxic plastic.
  • Used blades and razor are fully recyclable.
  • Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and shaving rash.
  • Cost-saving.

Included with English Rose:

  • - 10 x DORCO replacement stainless steel sharp razor blades  (45+ shaves dependant on hair type)
  • - Stunning matching stand helps keep your razor clean and dry.
  • - Free tracked shipping across Australia & New Zealand

Material: Metal safety razor with a zinc alloy head, plated in our unique sparkling Orangish Rose Gold.


100%- 30-day money-back guarantee. That's how much I know you will adore using our safety razors.