Good Car Company

Good Car Company

Community is at the heart the Good Car Company.

Anton, Anthony and Sam started the Good Car Company with the goal of creating a cleaner, safer and healthier Australia. As three environmental scientists, they are unlikely founders of a car business...but desperate times call for desperate measures.

They felt terrible about every puff of smoke from their cars that was contributing to the climate crisis. They recognised the importance of switching to electric vehicles (EVs), but there were no affordable options available. So they imported one! They then worked with their community to create the world's first community electric vehicle bulk-buy. They are now delivering hundreds of cars all around Australia.

We are at a critical moment in history, where urgent action is needed to reverse the effects of global warming. Electric Vehicles are one of many solutions that when deployed at scale will massively reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere ensuring a better future for us all.

Through their community bulk-buys, the Good Car Company have demonstrated the appetite for affordable electric vehicles in Australia. They help to advocate for investment in charging stations and apply pressure to conventional car dealers to lower their prices and expand their range of electric vehicles in Australia.

The Good Car Company’s goal is to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Australia and in doing so, save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

The Good Car Company are proud to be doing our part to transition to a sustainable future, one good car at a time.