Modibodi Classic Bikini Heavy-Overnight
Modibodi Classic Bikini Heavy-Overnight

Modibodi Classic Bikini Heavy-Overnight

Modibodi's Classic Bikini is the perfect style for every day AND night in our Heavy-Overnight absorbency. With a longer secured gusset that has protection up to the back waist band, these undies will keep you dry and comfy with the extra protection giving you support through the night. This absorbency is perfect for those in serious pelvic floor training, incontinence or for heavy periods with overnight protection to keep your sheets stain free!

Weight: 0.16kg

Size: 10 x 170 x 220mm

About Modibodi

Founder and CEO of Modibodi Kristy realised that when it came to managing leaks, the disposable options available on the market were unreliable, uncomfortable, and taxing on the environment. Kristy felt that both people and the planet deserved a better solution – and soon discovered the need for a whole new product category; underwear that provided the same absorbency as disposable hygiene products, but which had a lesser impact on the environment.

With a great deal of scientific research, trialling, and testing, Kristy took this idea and developed a pair of underwear consisting of a high quality and high-tech patented Modifier Technology, which confidently absorbs pee, periods, and perspiration, and can be washed and worn over and over again.

With diversity and inclusivity at the forefront of the brand, Modibodi’s range of leak-proof apparel continues to expand its product offering to cater to all bodies, at all stages of life - having now introduced a teens range and a men’s range. The use of Modibodi underwear has prevented millions of disposable hygiene products – which can take over 500 years to biodegrade – from ending up in landfill. Choosing Modibodi to manage leaks is a simple switch that anyone can make, that makes no compromises on comfort, style, or protection.