RePlated Lunchboxes

RePlated Lunchboxes

We know you care about the planet.

You probably take your reusable cup to the coffee shop, when a global pandemic doesn’t get in the way. But what about takeout food?

Have you ever had a sinking feeling as you bag up all the single use plastic containers that came with your takeaway meal?

There are 4.5 million takeaway meals eaten every day. Takeout containers create almost a quarter of the litter on our streets.

Finally, RePlated brings you the perfect solution.
We make reusable takeaway containers out of recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise head to landfill. Our lunchboxes are designed and made in Australia.

It’s so smart. So simple. All that’s missing is you joining the party! Buy a stash of our containers, take them with you when you order takeaway. Give guilt the flick! You’ll feel great when you join the RePlated ReUse Revolution! It’s the future of takeaway.

Visit RePlated here.