This One Wild and Precious Life - by Sarah Wilson

This One Wild and Precious Life - by Sarah Wilson

This One Wild and Precious Life is a journey of the soul, a case for why we need to cast off our too-tight psychic apparel and step bravely into the uncertainty of 'giving a fuck', the whirlpool of finding purpose, and the perilousness of connecting fully, passionately and unequivocally to life again.

Sarah's journey pivots from her own anxiety and feeling of disconnection, as she takes the reader on a three-year odyssey to reconnect with the life she feels we are losing via a series of hikes around the world. Throughout, she brings together science and spiritual understandings ('East meets West'), following in the footsteps of artists, poets and philosophers, to amplify the conversation that the world wants and needs to have right now.

Elegantly written and uncannily prescient, this is the perfect book for this difficult era of climate carnage and COVID-19, that goes well beyond the data and the political toing and froing, a compelling argument for turning collective crises and shared malaise into rocket fuel for personal and social transformation. And a better world.

About the Author

Sarah Wilson is the author of the New York Times bestsellers first, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety, which Mark Manson described as 'the best book on living with anxiety that I've ever read', and I Quit Sugar, along with eleven cookbooks that have been published in fifty-two countries. Previously, she was editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, host of MasterChef Australia and founder of, an 8-week program that has seen millions worldwide break their sugar addiction. In May 2018, Sarah committed to giving all proceeds from the business to charity. She now builds and enables charity projects that engage humans with one another, and campaigns on mental health, consumerism, racial injustice, and climate issues. Sarah lives in Sydney, is an obsessive hiker and spent eight years travelling the world with one bag.