Verve Super

Verve Super

Verve is an ethical super fund tailored for women, by women.

Verve’s ethical approach to superannuation:

  • Australia's first ethical super fund to invest with a strong gender lens
  • Avoid investments that don’t align with members values
  • Seek investments that are good for women, our community and the planet
  • Strive to achieve the best possible financial returns for members
  • 100% transparent about what they invest in 100% of the time

As part of Verve’s ethical investing approach, they do not invest in fossil fuels or other investments that cause environmental destruction.

Women are retiring with 35% less super than men. Verve is a community dedicated to closing that gap. Through advocacy, financial coaching and additional support services Verve helps women build wealth and invest for a better world. Some of Verve's financial coaching benefits for members include:

  • One on one coaching for all members
  • Regular events and workshops
  • An online financial coaching platform

Switching to Verve is simple, it takes just 5 minutes and it's all online!